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About Escape Chronicles

Escape Chronicles offers some of the best escape rooms in Los Angeles. We are located in North Hollywood, near Burbank.

Grab some friends, and enter a live “escape the room” experience. Our games place you in a locked room, surrounded by mysterious clues. You’ll race against the clock, as you try to solve the puzzle before time runs out. This thrilling challenge is the hottest new activity in Los Angeles.

Not to worry, it is not as scary as it sounds. Our scenarios are carefully crafted to keep you entertained, without making you scream. These games are story driven, with rich narratives. We’ve thrown in lots of humor to make sure its something that everyone can enjoy.

The event is a great way to kick off a birthday party, enliven an employee retreat or just spend a night out with some friends. The exercise is great for team building, and is sure to be an experience unlike any other. You won't want to miss this one of a kind game that is both challenging and rewarding.